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FREE Online Course Materials are building blocks for course curriculum. Faculty can construct their complete course by selecting online materials to cover individual topics or learning objectives. Open Course Materials are part of a larger category of Open Educational Resources (OER) that includes whole courses, open textbooks, as well as small instructional modules that make up the Open Course Materials. Typically, learning management systems make it easy for the faculty to add links to these resources for the weekly instructional schedule.

BROWSE OSRHE’s MERLOT COLLECTION of over 32,000 FREE OPEN COURSE MATERIALS Click on the links to the major topics below and you’ll be able to navigate to free online resources you can use in our classes within the MERLOT library (

Many of the materials you’ll find in MERLOT have been peer reviewed by higher education faculty with expertise in using online resources. Looking for a video explanation on MERLOT and how to use it to find free course content? Click to MERLOT’s YouTube Channel and view a video of your choosing.

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